10 Highlights from the Spring and Summer at MUNCH

Get close to iconic masterpieces by Edvard Munch and discover hidden treasures. Take in the spectacular view of the city, enjoy lunch at the seaside, take a dip in the sea, and get to know the nine-metre tall figure, The Mother – MUNCH offers 13 floors of art and experiences for all ages, in fantastic surroundings by the fjord of Oslo. Here's a guide to help you get the most out of your visit.

1. Take A unique journey through the art of Edvard Munch

At MUNCH you can always experience Edvard Munch's diverse artistic career in our ongoing collection-based exhibitions. Here you can discover unknown gems and get close to world-famous masterpieces such as The Scream, The Sun, Madonna, Dance of Life and Vampire. You can also explore Munch's world in an interactive exhibition about his life and work.

From 27 April you can see the critically acclaimed exhibition Thrembling Earth. This is the first significant survey of Edvard Munch’s depictions of nature. It’s an exhibition that will challenge many of the usual preconceptions about his art.

2. Don’t miss the Scream

Floor 4

With its iconic status and clear symbolism, there is little doubt that The Scream is a highlight for many visitors. You’ll find three versions at MUNCH - a painting, a drawing and a print. One of these is always on display, in the meantime the two others rest in the dark. All versions of the motif are made on cardboard or paper, which makes them more fragile than oil paintings on canvas. By protecting them and limiting the time they are exposed to light, the museum ensures that future generations can enjoy and marvel of Munch's powerful motif.

Prepare your visit with the story behind The Scream

At MUNCH you will find three versions of Edvard Munch's The Scream – a painting, a drawing and a print. One of these is always on display, while the other two rest in the dark. This is the painting, or tempera as we normally say. Photo: Munchmuseet

3. relax among huge paintings

Floor 6

In the Monumental exhibition you can experience The Sun and Edvard Munch's largest paintings, which measure up to 50 square meters and are so large they had to be hoisted through a hole in the museum wall. In this specially built double-height gallery, you will also find a discovery table where you will be able to explore natural materials and discover more about the processes linked to Munch’s monumental paintings.

4. Discover hidden stories inside the walls

Floor 4

In the same rooms where masterpieces like The Scream, Madonna, Vampire and Girls on the Bridge are on display, children can explore peepholes with scenes based on stories by the author Lene Ask, who conveys the themes underlying Munch’s work in child-friendly terms. For older children, a series of tasks and questions posted on the walls will encourage reflection on Munch’s art.

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We are open every day during summer!

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5. See Munch's own paintbrushes ... and Say hi to the little mouse at Ekely

Floor 7

Did you know that Munch bequeathed all his assets - including furniture, clothes and painting equipment - when the Municipality of Oslo inherited the collection? We have objects on display that’s never been exhibited before. You can also experience a model of Munch's home, Ekely, where he lived for the last 30 years of his life. Here you can touch, test and explore everything you see. In this exhibition there also lives a little mouse with his very own life. As you follow the small paths in the exhibition, you’ll find mouse holes in furniture, boxes and stairs. Discover scenes with "Herr Storm" in the lead role.

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6. Take part in a mysterious world of ghost, stories and shadows

Floor 10

Sofie’s Room is this year's children exhibition. Here everyone is encouraged to play together in a mysterious world filled with ghosts, stories and shadows. The exhibition is an interactive experience focusing on playfulness. At MUNCH young visitors are offered a unique interpretation of the art and life of Edvard Munch. With activities, workshops, and exhibitions, we invite children to explore and express their own creativity. Sofie’s Room is a must-see for families and playful visitors of all ages.

7. bird's eye view of Oslo

A completely new district has emerged since MUNCH's cornerstone was laid on the museum site in 2016, and from the upper floors you have a full overview of what is happening on the street level below you. You have the whole city and the fjord at your feet, and the spectacular views North from floor 10 and West from the top floor has already become popular backdrops for photo shoots and selfies. Maybe you dare to lie down on the sloping windows and really experience the city from a bird's eye view as well?

A young girl taking in the spectacular view from the top of the building

8. Eat and drink in spectacular surroundings

Our café in the lobby offers delicious food and a casual atmosphere, it’s perfect both for a break during your visit, or as a destination itself. We serve sandwiches, hot dishes and fresh seafood for both lunch and dinner. If you are looking for a slightly statelier setting, we can recommend the restaurant on floor 12. On floor 13, at the top of the building, you can find the cocktailbar Kranen, which offers a fantastic view and has a sheltered rooftop terrace. At MUNCH you can eat and drink with stunning view over the fjord and surrounded by world-class art.

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9. Meet the mother

From the outdoor cafe terrace, you look straight at the nine-metre high bronze sculpture The Mother, created by the well-known British artist Tracey Emin. The sculpture depicts a large, kneeling figure carefully holding something we cannot see. It is located on Inger Munch's wharf, in the middle of a beautiful flower meadow from seeds collected in the inner Oslofjord. Around the flower meadow, there are great opportunities for both sunbathing and swimming, or just taking a stroll.

Tracey Emin talks about her inspiration behind the sculpture and how Edvard Munch has influenced her as an artist.

10. Take a walk by the fjord

The area around MUNCH has become a buzzing neighbourhood with a great offer of coffee shops, bars, restaurants, saunas, shops, galleries and experiences where the city meets the fjord. Enjoy a break on the pier edge while the children play at the large playground at the award-nominated Stasjonsalmenningen. Maybe you even go for a dip in the sea?

The new MUNCH. Photo: Guttorm Stilén Johansen © Munchmuseet

We are open every day during summer!

Do you want to skip the line? We recommend all our visitors to get their tickets in advance.