Edvard Munch in Åsgårdstrand Video tour

Travel into Munch’s paintings and visit Åsgårdstrand, the lovely coastal town Munch drew inspiration from throughout his life.
From Edvard Munch's house in Åsgårdstrand



Edvard Munch spent many warm summers in Åsgårdstrand. What did he see and experience here?

In the video tour Munch's house - turmoil and tranquility in Åsgårdstrand   we will explore Åsgårdstrand’s scenery through Munch’s paintings, such as the large forest, the heaving waves against the shore and – most importantly – his most intimate belongings inside of his summer house. You will hear about how Munch explored themes such as love and desire in his paintings, with Åsgårdstrand as the setting.

The video will be posted here 3 December, and also on Facebook and Instagram

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