Munch and the Woman Live Tour

Live streaming from our Facebook page, where our you can join our guides for a tour of the closed museum.
A naked woman shown from the hips up stands or lies against a meandering background. She has one arm raised behind her head and the other resting behind her hips. Her eyes are closed and her face is framed by long, black hair. Behind her head she has a red circle that could be a hat or a halo.



Edvard Munch once wrote, “The woman has inspired many of my best artworks.” However, in that same text he writes, “Often I felt the woman stood in the way of my art.” How contradictory! In this live stream we will explore how the figure of the woman inspired Munch’s art, and how we can interpret these ambiguous ideas from the period known as fin de siècle.

Let ́s go back in time to the 1890s and Munch’s most anxious years abroad in France and Germany. He depicts the modern man and woman as being deeply involved with each other, but at the same time consumed by dark and destructive emotions. The power of love is undeniable, but how did love really look through the eyes of Munch? Welcome to the third livestream of our popular digital exhibition series, where one of our art historians  will talk about Munch ́s depictions of The Woman in his art.

The live stream took place on our Facebook-page April 23 2020, and can be seen her