Workshop with artist Suzannah Øistad and guided tour for members

Create your own work of art using the puzzle technique of Edvard Munch with the guidance of graphic artist Suzannah Øistad, after a tailor-made tour of the Trembling Earth exhibition

Duration guided tour: 30 min
Duration workshop: 90 min

Are you curious about Edvard Munch's printing technique? And do you perhaps have an empty wall at home that you want to create something special for? Then this is the workshop for you! You will have the opportunity to create nature-inspired woodcuts together with graphic artist Suzannah Øistad. On the guided tour, we find inspiration from works in the Trembling Earth exhibition before continuing onwards to the workshop to learn more about woodcuts and make our own prints. 
Trembling Earth is the first major exhibition focused on Edvard Munch's pure nature motifs. Edvard Munch was much concerned with man's role in nature, as master of nature's forces, and part of the great cycle of decay, death and new life and growth. 
He was also keen to allow nature to be reflected in his techniques, for example by working outdoors, and to sometimes expose images to the weather and wind, so that the images could be processed by the elements. 
As a graphic artist, Edvard Munch is best known for his woodcuts. Here he has also worked in harmony with nature by letting the wood itself become part of the motif. Now you can learn more about the method and take your own work of art home with you. 
Suzannah Øistad (b.1993) is a visual artist and works with graphics and animation.  
She has her workplace at the Blaker old dairy in Guttormsgaard's Archive and at Kunst Skansen studio fellowship. Her education is from the Oslo Academy of Fine Arts with a bachelor's degree in visual arts from the Academy of Fine Arts and a master's degree in medium- and material-based art in graphics.  

Through theatrical tableaus, composed of modeled figures or matrices in wood, memories from the night's dreams and everyday impressions are visualized in print and animation. In his works, Øistad explores how we are influenced and shaped by the memories and stories that are not talked about aloud, but which smolder in the shadows of our lives. Several of the works are based on the puzzle technique in woodcuts, which are composed of a large number of shapes. The figures and shapes are taken from drawing books and sketches from dreams, and the motifs move thematically between everyday impressions and the secrets of imagination.  

Øistad has exhibited both domestically and abroad. In Fjord, she had a solo exhibition at the Sandefjord art association and has an upcoming solo exhibition at Galleri Kunst Skansen. She has participated in a number of group exhibitions, including in Galleri Adde Zetterquist and Jyväskylä Art Museum in Finland. In 2019, she made her debut with the animated film "Ser deg aldi more - just the memory" at the Fredrikstad Animation Festival. 

Photo: Fotograf: Tor S. Ulstein / KUNSTDOK