The Woman and Nature Live Tour

Join us for a live tour from the exhibition «Yonder – Edvard Munch and Nature», where the woman and nature are in focus.
Art Historian Zeenat Amiri. Photo © Munchmuseet



MUNCH at Tøyen has opened its doors again, and the exhibition Yonder – Edvard Munch and Nature will be open for the public through the summer. For those who do not have the opportunity to visit the museum, we offer digital guided tours, where the theme this time is the woman and nature.

The connection between the psychological and the physical is central to Edvard Munch’s work, and throughout his life he used it deliberately to depict the switching between the inner and the outer. In his images the landscape is always more than a mere backdrop; it embodies human moods and anxieties, both where nature plays the main role and where we merely sense its presence through a window or an open door. It is as though the surroundings absorb the inner landscapes of the people within them, becoming saturated with melancholy, longing, zest for life and optimism.

In this guided tour the woman is a central theme and you get to explore artworks like Woman Standing in the Doorway, Inger in a White Blouse, and On the Veranda Stairs.

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