Arif at MUNCH

Join us on a journey through the spiritual universe of one of Norway's most prominent rappers, Arif.
Arif, full-figure portrait


Floor 9
31.08.2024 – 01.12.2024

Join Arif – one of Norway’s most celebrated rap/R&B artists – on an ancestral journey through his inner world, celebrating community and shared creativity. Arif at MUNCH is an immersive experience with a fusion of film, light and scent.

There will also be a chance to encounter Arif himself, working on new material in a sound studio installed within the ‘community space’ of the show. Here, the visitor is invited to experience Arif’s creative process up close.

A series of events and live music will take place here, including coffee ceremonies, fanzine, jewellery and hairdressing workshops, DJ sets, hiphop dance battles, concerts, talks and more. Participants include Zeshan Zakar, Don Martin, Spekter, House of Afro, Oslo World, Steffen Andersen, Samskaping, 1313 Selah, Assata and more.

Full details will be announced soon, in our ‘Whats on’-calendar!

More about Arif at MUNCH

New music by Arif accompanies a fusion of film, light, scent and interactive screens created by visionary Chinese-American filmmaker Andrew Thomas Huang, and inspired by the art of Edvard Munch.

‘I do not believe in art which has not been forced into being by man’s urge to open his heart. All art – literature as well as music – must be created with one’s lifeblood’

Edvard Munch

In the film, projected on a monumental, curved screen, visitors will experience a symbolic passage between the Zanzibar of Arif’s family origins and Oslo. This ancestral travel occurs through the spiral form of a seashell – a personal and eternal symbol for Arif that links his past, present and future.

Photo: Sara Angelica Spilling