Coffee ceremony with Assata conversation

Traditional East African coffee ceremony
Floor 9 Exhibition
05.09.2024 17:00
03.10.2024 17:00
07.11.2024 17:00

Drop-in workshop, no registration required.
Beginner level - All equipment is included.
Practical info: Attendance in lobby. Allow extra time if you want to use the cloakroom, large bags, food and drinks must be left behind.

Your hosts are independent publishing / activist library collective Assata. The coffee ceremony is a relaxing time where people can share stories and feelings and establish bonds with each other or just take a moment to sit quietly. 

ASSATA is a publishing house and a curated library located in Oslo that collects works from revolutionary authors around the world. Our overall focus is decolonization and critical examination of social and economic structures using revolutionary knowledge. Through studies, community and dialogue, we aim to center the voices that have historically been excluded. As well as making a collection of 500 books available to browse or borrow, ASSATA organizes reading groups, study circles, film screenings, poetry evenings, talks, discussions and workshops with its peers. 

Photo: Assata