Soul Jam dance battle

Soul Sessions Oslo and MUNCH invite you to a hip-hop battle and jam. The event focuses on the art of freestyle hip-hop dance in collaboration with a DJ and MC
Floor 9 Exhibition
16.11.2024 18:00

Drop-in , no registration required.
Practical info: Attendance in lobby. Allow extra time if you want to use the cloakroom, large bags, food and drinks must be left behind.
There is limited space, so it's a good idea to arrive early. First come, first served! 

The evening starts with a jam, an open dance floor where the DJ plays hip-hop music! The judge will eventually select eight dancers who will compete against each other in a 7 to Smoke battle. Here, eight participants will face off in a battle. Who can win against seven others in a row? It’s an intense battle format with high energy and a great atmosphere! The event is open to those who want to battle, just dance in the jam, or be part of the audience.  

Soul Sessions Oslo is a nonprofit organization creating platforms for street and club dance in Norway.  
No matter your age or experience - we want you all to take part of this incredible culture embracing peace, love, unity and having fun!

Photo: Mikael Örtenheim