Villano Antillano Oslo World

The Latin queer movement’s very own villain

Age limit 18 yrs
Doors open: 20:00
Start: 21:00

Villano Antillano is a transformative figure in the Latin queer artist movement. Born in Bayamón, a suburb of San Juan, Puerto Rico, she launched to fame in 2022 when she collaborated with the Argentine producer Bizarrap. The music centres around LGBTQ+ experiences and works to create a more open and welcoming space for queer people. Her lyrics are bold and explicit, subverting homophobic slurs as a means of self-affirmation. The recent song “Pajara” is a prime example, reclaiming a Spanish term that has been used against the queer community. On stage, she can be sassy, playful and sincere. A highly skilled rapper and dancer, she has staked her claim as one of the new important voices in the Spanish-speaking reggaeton and urbano movement.   
The artist's stage name, Villano Antillano, comes from the Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean and her “perspective of being music’s very own villain." She has released three albums: Tirania (2019), Ketoprincesa (2020), and Hembrismo (2022). Her music has reached the Billboard Argentina Hot 100 and Billboard Spain Hot 100, and she is the first transgender and nonbinary artist to reach the Top 50: Global on Spotify charts.  
Oslo World and MUNCH are delighted to welcome this magnetic stage performer to Festsalen – Villano Antillano fills dance floors and moves boundaries without fear or shame.