Hip-Hop and Fashion with 1313 Selah conversation

A talk exploring the parallels between hiphop and fashion
Floor 9 Exhibition
26.09.2024 18:00

Drop-in , no registration required.
Practical info: Attendance in lobby. Allow extra time if you want to use the cloakroom, large bags, food and drinks must be left behind.
There is limited space, so it's a good idea to arrive early. First come, first served! 
The conversation lasts 90 minutes, including questions from the audience. 

The conversation will be led by the founders of 1313 Selah, discussing their early days, hiphop’s fashion legacy and costumes created for exhibitions, etc. 
1313 SELAH blends contemporary fashion with Latinx street-culture. Inspired by subcultures and musical influences that shaped the founders upbringing, this highly personal project honors fearless self-expression and empowerment through clothing.  
Duy Ngo, born and raised in Østfold, has a father from Vietnam and a mother with Vietnamese and Chinese roots. His upbringing was characterized by cultural influences from both Vietnam and China. His mother is a seamstress, and from childhood, Duy would draw clothing that she would sew for him. Throughout his life, Duy's mother and her expertise have followed and supported him.

Tomás Silva was born in Chile but moved to Norway at an early age with his mother and older brothers. His multicultural upbringing instilled in him a deep appreciation for diversity and cultural exchange from an early age. During his youth, he developed a strong aesthetic sense, which later led him into the fashion industry.

Erik Spanne born i Stavanger Norway, started his career in the music industry, under various projects he has toured the world multiple times, from the dark clubs to the big festival stages. His experience in the underground music scene dictates the brand's Art Direction and musical references throughout. 

Photo: Martin Rustad Johansen