African Hair Culture workshop

Hair braiding and weaving are an important part of African culture. In this workshop hosted by Urbant Verksted, you can learn about different techniques
Floor 9 Exhibition
17.10.2024 17:00

Drop-in workshop, no registration required.
Beginner level - All equipment is included.
Suitable for young people between 16 - 26 years of age.
Practical info: Attendance in lobby. Allow extra time if you want to use the cloakroom, large bags, food and drinks must be left behind.

Join us for an engaging and educational workshop where we immerse ourselves in the art of African hair braiding. This hands-on session is designed for both beginners and enthusiasts who want to learn various braiding techniques while gaining an understanding of the rich history and cultural significance of African hairstyles. 
Participants will learn everything from African hair braiding, styling techniques, proper hair care and maintenance, and product knowledge. Participants will also learn about the cultural significance of African hair and how to care for it in a way that respects its natural beauty. 

Space is limited, so it pays to arrive early. First come, first served!

Photo: Nikky Zabo