SOLO OSLO Constance Tenvik

Get to know an exciting new artist who creates captivating “worlds within worlds”, using sculpture, performance, textile, costumes, painting, drawing and video.


Floor 10
27.09.2024 – 26.01.2025

The SOLO OSLO series is part of MUNCH's commitment to contemporary art, and to developing a new generation of artists and mediators. Artist Constance Tenvik will take over the gallery space on level 10 with her new installation, while Ifrah Osman is developing a new mediation project for an audience group she has selected.  

Constance Tenvik is an artist who likes to tackle big subjects, often departing from existing narratives. For this solo exhibition at MUNCH, Tenvik has drawn on Aristophanes’s comedy The Birds from 414 BC to create a new installation set in the current day. Here, the world is divided into three parts, and two humans decide to challenge the gods by enlisting help from the birds to take dominion over the air. “I think this is a good moment to poke fun at imperialist thinking, while finding joy in escapism and recognising human desire”, Tenvik wrote in the application for this fourth edition of SOLO OSLO.     

Ifrah Osman has a deep interest in exploring the relationship between people and art. In her mediation project, Osman focuses on the role of language and dialogue when encountering contemporary art. She invites parents from minority backgrounds to conversation groups with an emphasis on a shared experience of art exhibitions. Translators will be on hand to facilitate communication. “For a long time, the focus has been on including young people from minority backgrounds in the museums, but we have tended to ignore those who are older. This is a unique opportunity to invite first generation immigrants to Norway to explore contemporary art”, says Osman. The conversations will result in the production of films where the dialogue partners share their reflections. An important aspect is the role of different formulations and connotations in languages such as Persian, Urdu, Arabic and Somali have, since the participants will use their mother tongue throughout the project.  

SOLO OSLO is part of MUNCH’s commitment to contemporary art. Every year, an Oslo-based artist will have a solo presentation of new work. The exhibition is held in the distinctive gallery on level 10 of MUNCH, and supportet by Talent Norway and Canica. 
Constance Tenvik (b. London, 1990) is a Norwegian artist, who adopts a multidisciplinary approach, using sculpture, performance, textile, costumes, painting, drawing and video to create total installations. Tenvik’s artistic expression is characterised by a distinct style, humour, exuberant use of colour and theatrical gestures. Tenvik was educated at the Art Academy in Oslo and Yale School of Art. Past exhibitions include Loyal Gallery in Stockholm, the Astrup Fearnley Museum, UKS and Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo, and Anat Egbi in Los Angeles.   

Ifrah Osman (b. Mogadishu, 1996) is a former Live Program trainee at Bergen Kunsthall (2022–2023). She holds a BA in Peace and Conflict Studies from ONH – Oslo Nye Høyskole, and during her studies she discovered that art and culture are among the tools that have a positive effect on peace processes. In addition to her commitment to culture and conflict resolution, Osman has a deep interest in exploring the interplay between art and people. She wants to develop methods for making art more accessible for broader audiences. Her approach involves engaging with contested topics through dialogue and including different groups in these processes.