Welcome to The Chamber of Chaos!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to step inside a picture or climb on a sculpture? This room is for you!

The Chamber of Chaos is different from the rest of this museum. Here you will find objects, shapes and costumes which are made for you to do things with. Make a sculpture of a house or a person. Build a giant castle or a cosy nest. Then knock them down and start again! Dress up as an animal or go in disguise.

The Chamber of Chaos  is a place where you can make anything YOU want! Just watch out for the crocodiles!

Kids playing in The Chamber of Chaos

By the way, did you know that the artist Edvard Munch loved chaos?

His house was usually in a mess, because he spent so much time making art and thinking about what to paint. No one told him what to do – he made pictures of anything he wanted.

Munch at Ekely, 1943. Photo © Munchmuseet

The Chamber of Chaos is created by Fredrik Floen and his friends. Fredrik is an artist who also loves chaos. He has made all the soft objects in the room for you to play with.  

Munch's painting Separation (Løsrivelse in Norwegian, which literally means ‘tearing loose’) has been a common thread for this project. Both the work's title, as growing up is all about separation and tearing loose, and this whole room as somehow separated from the classic museum, and the colour palette of the painting have inspired Fredrik.

Edvard Munch, Separation, 1896. Oil(?) on canvas. Photo © Munchmuseet

Who made this – and why? 

The Chamber of Chaos is a fantastical play-space for children where normal museum rules do not apply. In collaboration with the artist and costume/set designer Fredrik Floen, MUNCH presents a space on the 10th floor where children can play and let their imagination run free. The room represents a break from the atmosphere of the rest of the museum – a place where kids can let off steam and ‘tear loose’ in their own way.  

It is the second in MUNCH’s series of interactive play areas for children. The first in this series was Jennie Bringaker’s The Brain Maze (2022). The Chamber of Chaos gives our younger visitors the building blocks for making new worlds and telling stories by placing them in infinite combinations.  

The room has been designed to be as safe and fun space. A member of staff will always be in attendance. Please ask them if you have any questions.