Trust Your Own Voice! – Interpreting Contemporary Art

What does it mean to trust your own voice in relation to contemporary art? Art mediator Zeenat Amiri provides insight into her work with the exhibition SOLO OSLO: Sandra Mujinga, in a conversation with Tove Aadland Sørvåg and Henza Anwar.


Sky Room

The ticket to this event also gives you admission to all exhibitions at MUNCH. 

Zeenat Amiri is interested in making the museum accessible for everyone. With Sandra Mujinga’s exhibition as a starting point, Amiri examines what it means to experience contemporary art and explores what it takes to create a safe art space where your own opinions, interpretations, and reflections can unfold.

In conversation with the art historian and concept developer at MUNCH, Tove Aadland Sørvåg, Amiri will delve further into the work of a mediator and discuss the process of developing concepts and theories for the exhibition. In the second half of the conversation, Amiri and Henza Anwar from the non-profit organisation Salam, talk about creating safe spaces. Amiri has collaborated with Salam to encourage the audience to trust their own interpretations and experiences when they encounter contemporary art.

Zeenat Amiri is an art educator for children and youths at MUNCH, and the mediator for the SOLO OSLO exhibition with Sandra Mujinga.

Tove Aadland Sørvåg is a concept developer at MUNCH, and is a mentor for the mediators in the SOLO OSLO series.

Henza Anwar is the deputy director of Salam. She is also a psychiatric doctor. 

Salam is a non-profit organisation that promotes inclusive and safe environments for LGBT and/or other non-gender conforming people with a Muslim background in Norway.