Sandra Mujinga & Saphira Nancy Artist talk

What is seen as monstrous, and how are bodies cast in a colonial gaze? Meet Sandra Mujinga in a conversation with Saphira Nancy.


Sky Room

Sandra Mujinga is the first artist in the exhibition series SOLO OSLO, where an Oslo-based artist is invited to create a new commission for the distinctive gallery space on floor 10 at MUNCH. For the animation projected from the mouths of three metal monster, Mujinga has collaborated with Saphira Nancy to create a figure inspired by deep sea creatures, bodybuilders, and cartoon superheroes.  

Nancy and Sandra will use the exhibition as a starting point to talk about their collaboration, escape routes, and the contradictions of being simultaneously invisible and hyper visible. They will seek to explore the anxieties which emerge from being a body under surveillance in a hostile environment. 

The exhibition SOLO OSLO: Sandra Mujinga is on display at MUNCH  from 22 January to 3 April 2022. 

Sandra Mujinga is an artist and musician living and working in Oslo and Berlin. She received her BA and MA degrees from Malmö Art Academy. Mujinga works in a diverse range of different mediums from sculpture and installation, video and photography to performance and electronic music, often brought together in a single work. Recent solo exhibitions include, Göteborg Art Museum, Swiss Institute, New York, The Approach, London (all 2021), Vleeshal, Middelburg (2020), and Bergen Kunsthall (2019). In 2021, Mujinga was awarded Sandefjord Kunstforenings kunstpris and Der Preis der Nationalgalerie, and participated in the New Museum Triennal and Momenta Biennial de l'image.  

Saphira Nancy is a graphic narrator, animator and performer who rewrites popular corporeal fictions as a way to reactivate the flow of the intuitive mind and create different dimensions of expression. She was one of the founders of Casa T Lisboa, a shelter and creative space created by and for trans and gender non-conforming people in Portugal. She held her first solo exhibition, Teia de Palma (Palm Web) at Chumbo gallery in Lisbon in 2021, where the body manifests itself through the use of palm oil as paint by which her African history is exalted.