Visit Munch’s studio at Ekely

Munch had favourable working conditions at Ekely, with several outdoor studios and a winter studio, preserved to this day.

Today Ekely is run by Stiftelsen Edvard Munchs Atelier (SEMA) as a creative space for artists and the public. In Summer 2022 artist Helle Siljeholm will be in residence, working on a sculpture for the forthcoming MUNCH Triennale: The Machine Is Us.

The garden and the outdoor areas are availble to the public, with a new interactive experience. Here visitors can discover connections across time and space, between Munch’s former residence and the new public home of his artworks ar MUNCH. 

Read more about Munch's Ekely here

How to get there

The address of the studio is Jarlsborgveien 14.

Public transport:

Bus 23 to Montebelloveien, about 5 min walk
Bus 24 to Jarlsborgveien, about 6 min walk
Tram 13 to Hoff, about 15 min walk
Metro 2 to Smestad, about 20 min walk

Edvard Munch's Ekely

Munch's Ekely

Join us for a guided tour of Edvard Munch’s property, where a rumour developed of him being a hermit
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