Photographs from Ekely

Interior and exterier photograps from Munch's Ekely.

What Edvard Munch cared most about was the art he created. He was not particularly concerned with material assets. The idyllic villa’s interior was decorated with a motley mix of objects, and images, tools, paint tubes, newspapers, books and letters lay everywhere in blissful disorder. 

Munch was curious about new technology and owned various modern gadgets including a film camera, a projector, a telephone, electric lamps and a so-called parlograph – a machine for recording voices. He was an eager amateur photographer and pursued his informal photography as an experimental medium, just like his did with his paintings and prints.

Munch's villa

Edvard Munch in the garden at Ekely. Photo: Inger Munch © Munchmuseet

Munch at Ekely, 1943. Photo © Munchmuseet

 Edvard Munch: The villa at Ekely in the snow I. Photograph with drawing, 1927. Photo © Munchmuseet

The winter studio

Edvard Munch in Profile in the Garden, with the Winter studio in the Background, 1930. Photo: Edvard Munch. © Munchmuseet

Edvard Munch on his 70th birthday, 1938. Photo © O. Væring.

Outdoor studios

Edvard Munch: Edvard Munch in the open-air studio at Ekely, 1933. Photo © Munchmuseet

 Photography of Munch's open-air studio. Photo: O.Væring Eftf AS © Munchmuseet