Monumental art at Ekely

An important part of Munch’s production from Ekely consisted of projects in which he experimented with monumental formats, facilitated by the large open-air studios.

In one of these projects Edvard Munch adapted motifs from the Frieze of Life into twelve monumental wall paintings for the Freia chocolate factory at Rodeløkka in Oslo, during the course of 1922. This is in line with how Munch related to his motifs: He constantly created new versions and allowed “old” pictures to form the basis for new compositions.

Freia chocolate factory

Edvard Munch: Young People on the Beach (The Freia Frieze XII). Oil on unprimed canvas, 1922. Photo © Munchmuseet

The Human Mountain

A large painting of a blue mountain with many naked people on it. They try to climb up, some fall down. Dramatic grey clouds hang over the mountain, while a few colourful sunbeams break through the clouds.


Edvard Munch: Workers on the Building Site. Draft for a Decoration of Oslo City Hall. Oil on unprimed canvas, 1931-1933. Photo © Munchmuseet

Late Frieze of life

Edvard Munch: The Dance of Life. Oil on canvas, 1925. Photo © Munchmuseet