Exhibition-related publications

Books that expand the exhibition experience.

MUNCH Publishing releases books for both adults and children about art in the broadest sense, with a particular focus on Edvard Munch, modernism and contemporary art. A selection of these are directly linked to the museum's programme. They provide a way into the exhibitions and pass on the knowledge and research that has gone into the making of them. At the same time, we think it’s important for our exhibition-related titles to be able to stand alone independently and internationally. To achieve this, we focus on rich, high-quality visual material and invite external writers to contribute their own reflections. 

In connection with Satyricon & Munch (2022), we invited photographer Morten Andersen to shadow Satyricon frontman Sigurd Wongraven's preparations for the exhibition. The result was a photo book that not only illuminates what was presented at the museum, but that is also a work of art in its own right. Goya and Munch: Modern Prophecies (2023) is more closely linked to its exhibition, but also presents original perspectives from Goya experts in Spain and the USA. The point is that publications such as these should not simply document what is happening at the museum, but also start an open conversation about the ideas being explored at MUNCH.