Award-winning book design

Our focus on the book as object brings us attention at home and worldwide.

MUNCH Publishing is known for its consistently innovative design and the high quality of its writing. We think this is crucial to communicating art well. To achieve this, we collaborate with talented designers and printers and encourage them to experiment with the art book as an object and as a sensory experience. This has resulted in for instance the playful publication Marianne Bratteli Retrospective: 1978–2021 (2022), designed so that each printed spine is unique. A similar playfulness can be seen in Lene Ask's drawing book Noone Has Seen What You See (2022), with different-sized pages bound on spirals in a choice of blue, red, yellow or white. 

We treat every title as a unique project and spend a lot of time finding the solutions that are best suited to the desired outcome for each book. It's motivating when we see the effort we put into our work being recognised. In 2024, Noone Has Seen What You See and Goya and Munch: Modern Prophecies won the industry award for the Year’s Most Beautiful Books. They are designed by Aslak Gurholt and Øystein Arbo respectively, and we were proud when one of the jury statements encouraged other museums to take inspiration from MUNCH Publishing! Noone Has Seen What You See also won bronze in the prestigious Best Book Design from all over the World award, which was handed out at the Leipzig Book Fair in March 2024.