About MUNCH Publishing

MUNCH Publishing is a fine art imprint whose titles, marked by innovative design and high-quality content, are aimed at readers all over the world.

We publish between 12 to 15 titles in several languages every year, covering art in the broadest sense, with a special focus on Edvard Munch, modernism and contemporary art. 

Our list is aimed at both adult and younger readers, and consists mainly, but not exclusively, of titles connected to the exhibitions programme at MUNCH. We cover non-fiction, fiction and visual art books, as well as various titles spanning different genres.

MUNCH Publishing’s overall goal is to make art important and relevant to an ever-expanding international readership. This is best achieved by challenging the art book genre and exploring formats less commonly associated with museum publications, as well as promoting a range of diverse perspectives. 

This strategy is yielding good results, primarily in the form of collaborations with talented writers, artists and designers with solid expertise in our areas of interest. These collaborations enable us to produce books that are seen as relevant and significant in Norway and abroad, and which are unique experiences in themselves.

Our publications can be ordered from MUNCH's online store and all Norwegian bookshops, as well as via Amazon. International distribution is in partnership with ACC Art Books

Got an idea for a book?
We welcome manuscripts and book proposals in all genres and categories. Contact us at: publishing@munchmuseet.no.