Only Connect Oslo: soundinitiative / James Saunders

What does a concert sound like when the musicians don’t know what to play?

James Saunders everybody do this (2014)

In everybody do this, by British composer James Saunders, musical possibilities and limitations are played out in an ingenious system of text, group psychology and quick decisions. 

Saunders is interested in the social aspects of music, and in everybody do this, the musicians themselves choose which instruments and objects to use – reflecting the individual musician’s personality through quick decision-making under duress.

The work is performed by the new music ensemble soundinitiative.

- You need to reserve a ticket even if you have a festival pass.
- Show up at least five minutes before the concert starts, unused tickets will be given away

nyMusikk’s international contemporary music festival Only Connect enters MUNCH and Bjørvika in Oslo 28 – 30 April 2022, with unique, unexpected and mind-expanding musical connections. Buy festival passes and individual tickets here.