Only Connect Oslo: Sophie Star Suaning - Matinee Concert

A hardcore chorus creates a powerful wall of sound.


Monumental, floor 6

The Epic is a work for 12 singers standing in a circle and forming an intense wall of sound. Each vocalist sings one semitone of the 12-note chromatic scale, together creating a historically rare chord. Composer Sophe Star Suaning describes it as ‘numb, chaotic, hardcore, powerful and hard to swallow. A sonic equivalent of seeing all the colours in the spectrum at once, this wall of dissonance repeatedly cracks open as each vocalist’s breath, pitch and expression is affected by their movement, sound and mood.

To experience this performance, you must buy entrance tickets to the museum. 

the girls were dancing in a circle / then sum power came along / desiring to see or join / welcoming the power / made the dancing circle turn into a wall / that’s the history of the stage.

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