Only Connect Oslo: The Norwegian Radio Orchestra / Smørdal / Iannotta / Propan

Symphonic underwater broadcasting, paperclips and electronic voice manipulation.



Norwegian Radio Orchestra conducted by Peter Szilvay

Clara Iannotta MOULT (2018-19)
Jan Martin Smørdal SOFAR (World premiere)
Propan Looming (World premiere)

In MOULT, Clara Iannotta transforms the Norwegian Radio Orchestra into a moulting spider. She transfers the fascinating process of spiders shedding their exoskeletons, renewing themselves and leaving behind a ghostly husk of their own body, to a musical setting. The composer re-imagines the orchestra shedding its skin in an attempt to get rid of the past. Soloists are Ida Løvli Hidle (accordion), Sanae Yoshida (piano) and Ruben Mattia Santorsa (guitar).

Improvisations are central to the Propan duo’s open soundscape. In Looming, Ina Sagstuen and Natali Abrahamsen Garner expand their distinctive vocal deconstructions with percussive elements and captivating drones. The result is a meditative work combined with intricate rhythms.

Have you ever wondered how whale songs can travel over such long distances? There is a particular layer in the ocean, an acoustic channel called the "SOFAR channel", where audio signals can travel around the earth with almost no signal loss.

The SOFAR channel is a special acoustic layer in the ocean in which audio signals can travel around the globe with almost no loss of information. This miraculous underwater broadcasting network has inspired Jan Martin Smørdal to compose a new piece for trumpet and orchestra. The rich vocabulary of trumpeter Eivind Lønning resounds across a journey through the air, over the ocean surface and deep under the waves. The Norwegian Radio Orchestra premieres the work under Peter Szilvay, one of Norway's foremost conductors and interpreters of modern music.

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