Only Connect Oslo: soundinitiative / Kristine Tjøgersen / Maja Nilsen

Get a bird’s eye view of things.



Kristine Tjøgersen’s latest work BOWER is inspired by the incredible behaviour of Australian bowerbirds. These creatures are famous for their ability to build architecturally complex ‘bowers’ in their mating rituals. Male bowerbirds spend their days developing a special courtship dance, while constructing a bower they hope will be impressive enough to woo a partner. 

Inspired by this ingenious ritual from the animal world, the stage metamorphoses into a bird habitat. Movements, sounds and music are all derived from the birds' soundworld and patterns of behaviour. The bower is restaged as part sci-fi nightclub, part forest theatre.

Tjøgersen often uses visual elements as the driving basis of her musical innovations. Here she has worked closely with scenographer/costume designer Maja Nilsen, choreographer Julie Desprairie and French new music ensemble soundinitiative.

Commissioned by Borealis – A festival for experimental music.
Commission support by Arts Council Norway.

nyMusikk’s international contemporary music festival Only Connect enters MUNCH and Bjørvika in Oslo 28 – 30 April 2022, with unique, unexpected and mind-expanding musical connections. Buy festival passes and individual tickets here.