Only Connect Oslo: Kenneth Karlsson + Ingar Zach

Top Norwegian improvisers explore the guts of their instruments.


Monumental, Floor 6

Ingar Zach Through Things (WP) for piano, percussion and electronics
Ingar Zach The Vibrating Drum V (WP) for solo percussion
Rebecca Saunders Withinnan (2019) for solo piano
Rebecca Saunders Shadow (2013) for solo piano
Ingar Zach/Kenneth Karlsson duo improvisation

Pianist Kenneth Karlsson and percussionist Ingar Zach are two of Norway’s foremost contemporary improvisers. At MUNCH they present a programme that seamlessly intertwines improvisation and composition.

In Zach's work, vibrating speakers transmit sounds from instruments hidden inside them, revealing the skins of percussion instruments and the resonant harmonics of a grand piano. Recordings of prepared piano and electronics are mixed in with the performers' improvisations, guided by graphic scores. 

Rebecca Saunders is similarly interested in the physics of acoustic instruments. In Withinnan, the inside of the piano provides the material for a pianist's exploration. In Shadow, the focus is on reverberation, in a detailed examination of the instrument's pedals.

nyMusikk’s international contemporary music festival Only Connect enters MUNCH and Bjørvika in Oslo 28 – 30 April 2022, with unique, unexpected and mind-expanding musical connections. Buy festival passes and individual tickets here.