Only Connect Oslo: Blomsterbed Rite of Passage World premiere

Going up, going down: A sonic journey on the museum's escalators.


Lobby to Sky Room
Free for all festival guests

Art collective Blomsterbed take us on an elevated tour of the museum’s multiple floors. From ground floor to penthouse – or maybe the other way round? At least you’ll experience a new way of riding the moving staircase. Blomsterbed consists of composers Elias Nurmi Schomers, Marte Røyeng, Astrid Solberg and Guoste Tamulynaite, who work both collectively and as individuals.

nyMusikk’s international contemporary music festival Only Connect enters MUNCH and Bjørvika in Oslo 28 – 30 April 2022, with unique, unexpected and mind-expanding musical connections. Buy festival passes and individual tickets here.