Ahmed Umar: Day in the Life

In the exhibition Call Me by My Name , Ahmed Umar makes a personal interpretation of one of the artworks. Here you can get to know the artist better.

Ahmed Umar grew up in Sudan and Saudi Arabia. Since his arrival in Norway more than a decade ago, he has made his mark as a visual artist in Norway and received several awards for his work. Umar uses a variety of mediums to study the intersection between cultural values, traditions and religion. Through tapping into his own personal background, he protests the silencing and compromising of queer and unconventional lives.

In connection with the exhibition Call me By My Name, we dive into the creative processes of the artist Musti, author Guro Sibeko and visual artist Ahmed Umar. Here they share their personal stories about ethnicity, gender, identity and belonging, and show us how these stories inform their artistic practice.

In the exhibition, each of the artists is invited to present their interpretation of Edvard Munch's painting Cleopatra and the Slave.

You can experience Umar's the interpretation here and at the museum at Tøyen.

Edvard Munch: Cleopatra and the Slave. Oil on canvas, 1916-1920. Photo © Munchmuseet