Terraforma presents: Lorenzo Senni + FAKETHIAS Concert

Pushing the boundaries of electronic club music: MUNCH presents an evening with music festival Terraforma


Agelimit 18 years

19:30: Doors  
20:00: Performance/lecture by Lorenzo Senni  
21:00: Concert Lorenzo Senni  
22:00: Concert FAKETHIAS   
23:00: Doors 
rRoxymore (live) 
Before the concert at MUNCH, Lorenzo Senni introduces his new project "Windows To Look In" with a performed lecture that will guide the audience through the ongoing creative process. This staged presentation include the backstage video by Courtney Herrenberg and a series of unreleased audio pieces and texts by the artist. Duration 35 min. 

Lorenzo Senni, who coined the term “Pointillistic Trance” and “Rave Voyeurism” to describe his approach, is as a sadistic scientist that is ripping the spinal cord out of trance and dangling it in front of our eyes. 
With repetition and isolation as key concepts, Senni explores the idea of “build-up” found in euphoric dance music as a starting point to make a non-uplifting, more introspective piece that implicitly preserves its emotional tension and drama.  
For his performance at MUNCH, Senni will present one of his most influential performances, AAT (Advanced Abstract T, 36’48”) previously performed at TATE South Tank, CTM, Todays Art, and HKW.   
AAT (Advanced Abstract T) is a composed display of breakdowns, falling basses, pre-build-up states and non-uplifting musical regions in Trance, Hard-Trance, Hardstyle & Hardcore. Composed and finalized in 2017 at EMS Studio in Stockholm, it's presented as Live Diffusion counterpointed by powerful strobes and CO2 Cannons Interludes. 
Norwegian music producer FAKETHIAS has newly released his highly anticipated debut album, Core Echo, and tonight he takes us listeners on a tumultuous journey from shoegaze to industrial sounds and beyond.  
Core Echo, which is co-produced by Vetle Junker, represents a radical shift for FAKETHIAS, who is known for his contributions to noise and experimental club music. Blending sweet vocals and driving guitars with industrial textures, the lead single "Euphoria Loop" sets the tone for the album: Pockets of beauty and harmony are found in zones where opposing ideas clash. From the hypnotic beats of "Skin" to the ghostly acoustic tones of "Navel" and the immersive noise of the titular track "Core Echo," FAKETHIAS never shies away from the emotionally intense.  

The 2nd part of this evening will take place at Blå who will be bringing the heat with a line-up of hard-hitting DJs that includes Smalltown Supersound artist rRoxymore (live) and Dekmantel favorite Zohar. Admission is included in your ticket till midnight. Please note that the age limit at Blå is 20. 
The evening is presented in collaboration with Terraforma, an Italian festival celebrating experimental music and deep listening experiences. 

Photo: Fakethias © Sam Clarke, Lorenzo Senni © Francesco Margaroli