Premiere: Sex Judas feat. Ricky – The Book of Dreams / After Sex concert

Are you ready for the great calamity? The moment when everything unravels?

Doors open: 20:00
Start: 21:00
Age limit 18 years

On their third album, Sex Judas feat. Ricky slide into the heartbreak zone with a break-up of cosmic proportions. The band’s mascots, Sex Judas and Ricky, fashioned by visual artist Sindre Goksøyr, decide to each go their own way. The ensuing emotional drama is painted in vivid colours. The break-up is conveyed in all its mundane discomfort, across a double album.

What’s really going on, though? Sex Judas feat. Ricky consists of musicians Tore Gjedrem (Ost&Kjex), Sidiki Camara (Sidiki Camara Group), Ivar Winther (Snuten), Tracee Meyn (3-11 Porter/King Midas/Ost&Kjex, Tore Brevik (Mungolian Jet Set) and Linn Nystadnes (Deathcrush). Together they form an A-team of Oslo’s underground music scene. Mixing such diverse influences as funk, disco, post-punk, Malinese folk music and electronica, the one thing that ties it all together is that it gets you dancing!

This concert is a celebration of their new album – a story in two parts. The first part is Sex Judas’ telling of the break-up, through music inspired by the alternative 80s. Equal parts Grace Jones, Tom Tom Club, DAF, No Wave and reggae. 

Part two deals with Ricky’s bittersweet experiences and features the band’s most experimental music till now. They have collaborated with contemporary composer Ole-Henrik Moe, whose ambient tones underscore beautiful music inspired by 1930s and ‘40s film music, Norwegian folk music, and contemporary electronica like Autechre.

This concert at MUNCH will be the band’s most ambitious undertaking to date. Joining the band on stage is Ole-Henrik Moe and Kari Rønnekleiv on strings. We will experience the whole album in all its glory, with an ending that we believe will dance its way into the annals of the museum. 
Read more about the band here.

Photo by Sindre Goksøyr