GiddyGang & Vuyo: ‘Destiny / Sacrifice’ concert

New music and bold visuals – this is an evening that transcends the ordinary

Doors open: 20:00
Age limit 18 years

GiddyGang & Vuyo is not just a band – it's a collective heartbeat pulsating with hip-hop, soul, and jazz vibes that creates music from a place of joy and social consciousness. The band was formed in 2019 after jamming together at NLA Staffeldtsgate in Oslo, and are shaped by the members' diverse musical backgrounds. 

Their collaborative songwriting delves into personal experiences and societal observations, with the band often sparking ideas by jamming together. With lyrics that aim to promote positivity, while drawing attention to political issues and social injustice.

On their sonic journey they have has garnered praise from a number of notable artists, including Robert Glasper, Mac Ayres, and Jazzy Jeff just to name a few. After honing their craft through studio work and performances, GiddyGang & Vuyo is shifting gears, ready to bring a more artistic touch to their live performances.

In collaboration with multidisciplinary artist Tom Ringsby, they present a showcase at MUNCH —an art experience as much as a concert. Come and immerse yourself in new music as well as a journey through Tom Ringsby’s visual universe.