Classic Sunday – Vivaldi’s Royal Treasure Trove

The glory of Venice on the Oslo waterfront, musicians from the Oslo Philharmonic presents music by Antonio Vivaldi.



Vivaldi  La Follia for two violins and basso continuo, RV 63
Trio sonate for violin, lute and basso continuo in G minor, RV 85
Vivaldi Concerto for viola d’amore, lute and strings in D minor, RV 540
Vivaldi Concerto for cello and strings in B minor, RV 424

Ingeborg Fimreite,  Niels Aschehoug, violin
Bénédicte Royer, viola, viola d’amore
Johannes Martens, Cecilia Götestam, cello
Gunnhild Tønder, cembalo
Vegard Lund, lute

Antonio Vivaldi (1678−1741) was a powerhouse of the European music scene during his lifetime. He was prolific – the cello piece in this concert is one of 27 works for the instrument. He wrote about 500 solo concertos in total, appearling to all levels of society, aided by Vivaldi’s colourful personality and virtuoso violin skills.

Vivaldi received commissions from royalty across the whole of Europe. Concert for viola d’amore, lute and strings was first played in Venice in 1740, for the Polish prince Fredrik Christian. This programme provides a broad picture of Vivaldi’s unique talent and why his music continues to appeal to new audiences today.  


Chamber music has been an important part of the history of MUNCH right from the start in 1963. We continue this tradition at Bjørvika through our collaborations with the Oslo Philharmonic and the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet. Our Classic Sunday matinees present chamber music in many different formats, from the traditional classical canon to the cutting edge and experimental.