Classical Sunday – Fanny and Felix Mendelssohn’s Musical Gifts

Piano trios from the most talented siblings of the romantic music era, with musicians from the Oslo Philharmonic.



Felix Mendelssohn Piano Trio Op. 66
Fanny Mendelssohn Piano Trio Op.11

Leah Tagami Andonov, violin
Katharina Hager-Saltnes, cello
Alexander Taylor, piano

Fanny Mendelssohn (1805−47) was equally talented as her younger brother Felix and received similarmusical training. However, there was a big difference in the opportunities they were given to publish and promote their music. Fanny wrote over 450 pieces, most of them piano pieces or songs.

Felix Mendelssohn (1809-47) composed his Piano Trio No. 2 in 1845 and played it for the first time on Fanny’s birthday, 14 November. The next year, Fanny started work on a piano trio for their little sister Rebecka, which she finished for her sister’s 36th birthday on 11 April 1847.


Chamber music has been an important part of the history of MUNCH right from the start in 1963. We continue this tradition at Bjørvika through our collaborations with the Oslo Philharmonic and the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet. Our Classic Sunday matinees present chamber music in many different formats, from the traditional classical canon to the cutting edge and experimental.