Classic Sunday – The Impressionist French Quartet

Chamber music from two French masters: Maurice Ravel and Gabriel Fauré.



Ravel String Quartet

Eileen Siegel
Marit Egenes
Arthur Bedouelle
Cecilia Götestam

Fauré Piano Quartet no. 2

Alyson Read
Arthur Bedouelle
Cecilia Götestam
Eirik Stømner

At the beginning of the 1900s, Maurice Ravel (1875−1937) was a controversial and much debated new arrival on the Parisian music scene. During the next few years, he attained a position as the most exciting young composer in France. His String Quartet from 1903 was an important breakthrough piece and an audience favourite from the start.

Gabriel Fauré (1845−1924) was Ravel’s teacher and later became a good friend. When he wrote his Piano Quintet No. 2 during the years 1919−1921 he was a grand old man of French music, but had also lost most of his hearing. The quintet was premiered in Paris in May 1921 and became a huge success for the 76-year-old composer.


Chamber music has been an important part of the history of MUNCH right from the start in 1963. We continue this tradition at Bjørvika through our collaborations with the Oslo Philharmonic and the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet. Our Classic Sunday matinees present chamber music in many different formats, from the traditional classical canon to the cutting edge and experimental.