Edvard Munch and Germany: Breakthrough and Crisis

Video tour from the exhibition Yonder - Edvard Munch and nature.

Edvard Munch had a close relationship with Germany and lived there for several years. Here he had his first commercial breakthrough and important supporters. The city Berlin with its international art scene gave Munch new impulses, and the naked bathing men on the beach in the Baltic town of Warnemünde became an important motif in his works. However, the time Munch spent in Germany was also stressful and even destructive.

In this digital guided tour through the exhibition Yonder – Edvard Munch and Nature, we shed light on the relations between Edvard Munch and Germany. Experience works like The Scream, The Sun and Bathing Men through the lens of their relation to German culture and society.

The tour is held in German and texted in English.