MUNCH's shop is Oslo's new design destination, with a focus on good quality Scandinavian design that takes the environment and sustainability seriously.

Opening hours
Mon – Tue:     10:00–18:30
Wed – Sat:     10:00–21:00
Sunday:          10:00–18:30

Our online shop currently only ships to Norway

With a focus on Scandinavian design of high quality that takes the environment and sustainability seriously, the shop at MUNCH will be a destination in itself for those who love beautiful and functional objects. 

We have challenged well-known designers to develop products inspired by Edvard Munch's art. By highlighting the more unknown motifs, we want to encourage our customers to explore his art further. You will also find a large selection of creative products for kids, which will inspire play and develop the imagination. Our bookshelves will abound with literature on Edvard Munch, as well as books on art from his era, relevant titles for current exhibitions, and good design and architecture books.

Stop by the shop to get inspired, or find a new treasure for yourself or someone you love.