HCNUM – a film by Claire de Wangen

What is really going on inside MUNCH? Join us on a magical journey through the museum, and discover all the strange things that are happening in the building.

At MUNCH, inexplicable things happen every day. Who is licking all the railings and making noise in the hallways? In this film, we meet eleven-year-old Laura, who has been commissioned to visit the new museum the day before the opening, to make a film that conveys the museum to the young.

The museum is not just a place for ancient art and old people. It is also filled with play, pranks and movement. It is not so important to understand everything about art, as long as you are curious. Do you want to explore the museum?

HCNUM is a first meeting with the new tower in the heart of the Oslo Fjord, which will house the art of Edvard Munch. So many meetings will take place here between art and people, between art and time, between building, fjord and city, between past, present and future. For the kids' opening, this film wants to offer a peek into the house and an idea that experiences do not always have to be understood.

The film HCNUM is made by MUNCH in collaboration with deWangen productions. It premieren 18 October, at the same time as three local schools visited MUNCH, as our very first guests.