Sofie's Room

Welcome to Sofie’s Room, an interactive installation created for children.


Floor 10
Until 11.08.2024

Artists Roza Moshtaghi and Ronak Moshtaghi have turned the exhibition hall into a monochromatic landscape in which darkness becomes a source of mystery, magic, and creative power. A framed fountain gushes black paint over the room, pumping up shadows, histories, and ghosts.

The walls in this room are magnetic and covered with shapes. Some of these are taken from Edvard Munch’s paintings. You can move them around to make new pictures, stories, and patterns. On each visit you will pick up where someone else has left off and leave behind your own fantasies and messages. Here the fountain is a portal between the past and the present; a ghostly legacy to you, standing here, from those who have already passed through.  

Roza (b. 1985) and Ronak Moshtaghi (b. 1987) are born in Tehran and currently live in Oslo and Berlin. Roza trained as a choreographer and works with dance and expanded choreographic concepts. Ronak, trained as a visual artist, works at the intersection between drawing, sculpture, and installation art. The sister duo are regular collaborators and constantly influence each other’s work.

Music in the room composed by Gao Kacirek.

Sofie’s Room is the third installment of Come Think With Us! – MUNCH’s series of ambitious, immersive art installations for children.

Videos from the exhibition

Welcome to Sofie's Room – a playful and interactive exhibition suited for children!

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