Sofie's Room

This interactive exhibition invites you to take part in a mysterious world of ghosts, stories and shadows.


Floor 10
22.03.2024 – 18.08.2024

Sofie's Room 
Is a secret room 
But you have found your way 

In this interactive installation, artists Roza and Ronak Moshtaghi have transformed the exhibition hall on the 10th floor into a mysterious and monochromatic field. With grand architectural and scenographic elements, including a black-spouting fountain, children and their companions are encouraged to take over and interact with the space.

The magnetic walls are covered with dark shapes drawn from the images of Edvard Munch, which can be moved around to create new images, stories, and patterns. New visitors will always start where the previous ones left off, leaving memories, fantasies, and messages for those who come after. In this way, the audience will collectively shape and transform the room over the six months the exhibition is open. Join Sofie's Room, a sensory total experience created for and with children, where darkness is a source of mysteries, magic, and creative power. 

Roza and Ronak Moshtaghi were born in Tehran and currently reside in Oslo. Both sisters graduated from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2017; Roza with a master's degree in choreography and Ronak with a master's degree in visual arts, and they collaborate and influence each other continuously. 

Sofie's Room is the third project in Come Think with Us - MUNCH's series of ambitious and immersive art installations for children. The first two were The Brain Maze (2022) and The Chamber of Chaos (2023).