Game test: MUNCH Arcade

Join Munch in the fight against darkness. In “MUNCH Arcade” the Sun is eclipsed. Can your team make it shine again?

Interactive experience

Floor 6
Until 09.06.2024
How to participate?

The testing is in the sixt floor of the museum, and you need an entrance ticked to enter. Children below 17 years always has a free entrance at MUNCH.

In collaboration with game developer Erlend Kirkebø, we're thrilled to present the game “MUNCH Arcade”. An indie game inspired by the composition in Munch's motif The Sun, and legendary arcade games, such as Pacman, Space Invaders and Pong. Up to four players work together to defeat the eclipsed sun, allowing the light to shine. The game reflects Edvard Munch's own struggles before he started painted the motif, which marks a turning point, both in his life and artistry. 
Erlend Kirkebø was shortlisted for the Norwegian Championship in Gameplay 2022. The theme here was "Munch", and the developers had one week to create a playable prototype. In collaboration with MUNCH, he has now developed a new prototype gaming experience. Join and test the game in MUNCH Lab from the 9th of May to the 9th of June 2024. 
Developed with a grant from the Norwegian Film Institute.