Edvard Munch Infinite Upper secondary Schools & Students

Angst, rejection, love, freedom – are the emotions in Edvard Munch’s art still relevant today?


Guided tour

In the company of our museum educator, pupils will explore various motifs and themes in our exhibition Edvard Munch Infinite. We take a close look at how Munch handled the most significant aspects of modernism and worked with realism, symbolism and expressionism. Pupils will examine world famous images such as The Scream and Madonna, as well as other important artworks giving fresh perspectives on Munch’s diverse output.

We encourage the pupils to participate actively in the exhibitions in addition to exploring the building. On the museum’s 12th floor ‘bend’, we’ll experience how the building takes a respectful bow towards the city that owns the collection.  

Suitable for: Upper Secondary Scools and students
Price: 600 NOK, for groups up to 35 persons
Duration: 45 min, calculate 1 hour including transfer
Place: Meet up in the lobby