MUNCH Summerschool 2024

Welcome to MUNCH Summer School 2024!


24.06.2024 9:00
01.07.2024 9:00
05.08.2024 9:00

Summer School is aimed at children aged 8-10, Monday to Friday 09.00 to 15.00 at MUNCH.
Parents can sign up their children for one of the following weeks: 26, 27 or 32.

Summer is already right around the corner, and this year we want to investigate the Trembling Earth exhibition which shows Edvard Munch’s images of nature.  
Munch was a master of expressing emotion in paintings that included human figures. But in Trembling Earth, a landscape with nobody in it can also be loaded with atmosphere. Munch often worked outdoors and used nature as a tool in his paintings. For instance, he used to leave his paintings outside in all weathers!  
Come join us on this exciting journey full of different experiences and discoveries! At the Summer School we want to dive deeper into Munch’s visual universe and be inspired by the nature that surrounds us. At the Summer School we’ll explore different organic materials and techniques in which nature will be one of our most important resources. Workshops will be led by artists who use these techniques in their own work.  
During the week we will also visit other exhibitions at MUNCH to marvel and be inspired. We’ll drop in on the conservation department to see how the paintings are taken care of and learn a bit abot how they are created. Every day will be different and will include a mix of indoor and outdoor activities. We’ll round off the week with our own exhibition and a party!  
What do you love doing? What inspires you? We look forward to exploring art and nature with you this summer at MUNCH! 
Love from the Summer School team at MUNCH!