We invite you to a playful and imaginative fall break workshop with Leon Lindgren
05.10.2024 11:00
05.10.2024 12:00
05.10.2024 13:30
05.10.2024 14:30
06.10.2024 11:00
06.10.2024 12:00

Suitable for: Children 3–12 years old, accompanied by an adult
Duration: 60 min
Place: Lobby, 15 minutes before start is recommended
Event limited to 1 adult with 1 child.

In the fall of 2024, MUNCH presents a playful and whimsical exhibition program featuring Constance Tenvik's exhibition in the Solo Oslo series, opening on September 27, and Vanessa Baird's exhibition at MUNCH, opening on October 11. 

We want to explore a related adventurous or mythological "landscape" in our children's and family program this fall. 
Together with fashion designer and textile artist Leon Lindgren, we will "draw with fabric" and create imaginative and quirky images on bags and other items we can wear or carry with us during the fall break, on Saturday, October 5 and Sunday, October 6.

Leon Lindgren started embroidering during his studies in fashion design at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Through embroidery, his work has moved into the borderland between clothing and textile art.

Recently, my image-making has revolved around modern nature. The concept of Shifting Baseline Syndrome concerns how we can only evaluate the state of nature based on how we remember it. We do not have an objective view of what nature should look like. For me, born in 1999 and mostly experiencing nature through a car window, clear-cutting areas, highways, wind turbines, and paper mills do not seem unnatural in nature. The man-made objects become rather a desirable complement to trees, meadows, mountains, and rivers. With the built-in romantic quality of embroidery, something as despised as a wind farm can be what brings the landscape's composition together. 

Photo: Kilian Munch (c) Munchmuseet