Mira Thiruchelvam & Vestnorsk jazzensemble​ Oslo Jazz Festival

Jazz, folk music from around the world, and modern pop music blend together in tonight’s musical celebration

Age limit 18 years
Doors open: 17:00
Start: 18:00

Mira Thiruchelvam & Vestnorsk Jazz Ensemble's concert during Oslo World 2023 made a profound impression on everyone who had made their way to Victoria. Thiruchelvam's commissioned work, Pantone 448C with Cumin, draws inspiration from Carnatic classical music, Indian film music, and Tamil folk music, based on Thiruchelvam's relationship with the words "spice" and "coloring" in a musical context.  

"As a flutist, parts of my music career have been about coloring or spicing up a Western musical arrangement. Spice and color, in my eyes, have been perceived as something unimportant and superficial, an element that can be removed without affecting the musical backbone. My aversion to the words 'spice' and 'coloring' has sparked several thoughts," the composer herself says about the work. Pantone 448 C is considered one of the least appealing colors, while cumin ranks on the list of one of the world's cheapest spices.  

Thiruchelvam is otherwise known for her own band, 9 Grader Nord, and award-winning collaborations with Gutu Abera and the live version of Karpe's Omar Sheriff. For this project, she has assembled a star-studded ensemble with diverse musical backgrounds - jazz, folk music from around the world, and modern pop music. The result is an unparalleled musical celebration.  

Mira Thiruchelvam – composer, vocal, flute, guitar, percussion 
Kjetil Møster – saxophone, choir 
Marianna Sangita Angeletaki Røe - vocal, percussion 
Harpreet Bansal – violin 
Nawar Alnaddaf - oud, vocal 
Tejaswinee Kelkar - vocal, harmonium, synth 
Oda Felicia B.S. Abdelmaguid - keys, choir 
Thomas Dahl – guitar 
Chris Holm – bass 
Kanesan Suntharamoorthy – miruthangam 
Øyvind Hegg-Lunde – drums  

Vestnorsk Jazzensemble is a project based orchestra run by Vestnorsk Jazzsenter.  

Photo: Synnne S.B. Boenes