Maria Kannegaard Trio Oslo Jazz Festival

Intimate and shimmeringly beautiful
17.08.2024 19:00

Doors open: 18:00
18 years age limit

Maria Kannegaard is widely considered as one of the truly great pianists in Scandinavia, and throughout the world. With both feet firmly planted in jazz and a heart full of indie-rock, pop, and classical music, she is a rarely gifted musician and composer who has a unique ability to move the listener. Bassist Ole Morten Vågan and drummer Thomas Strønen are precisely the right, intuitive, and rhythmic powerhouse needed to give the music strength and lift the songs to the surface and into the light. 
The trio's unique interplay was evident on the live album Live at Dokkhuset, which was released in the fall of 2023. On the album's four expansive tracks, you come close to the core of Kannegaard's music. Intimate, raw, and shimmeringly beautiful melodies played by three people who know each other inside out. 
Through the NRK podcast Pianisten, which tells the brutally honest and powerful story of Kannegaard's life, many new enthusiastic listeners have found their way into Kannegaard's melodic and incomparable universe. A universe that this evening will leave an impression that will linger in the walls at MUNCH for a long time. 
Maria Kannegaard – piano, Ole Morten Vågan – bass, Thomas Strønen – drums

Photo: Arne Hauge