Oslo Jazz Festival: Stein Urheim - Speilstillevariasjoner

A magic night of jazz from Oslo Jazz Festival.

Doors open 18:00
Event start 19:00
Age limit: 18 (underage with companions)

Guitarist Stein Urheim's new composition Speilstillevariasjoner (Mirror Silence Variations) will be premiered during this year's festival. Urheim takes us on a distinctive musical excursion where microtonality, and inspiration from originals such as Harry Partch, Lou Harrison, Eivind Groven, folk music from various corners of the world, jazz, and Stein's unmistakable musical personality permeate everything. The new work is based on unique type of’ just intonation’ tuning that Urheim has created for modified acoustic guitar.  
To perform the music he has gathered an exciting bunch of musicians. Two Norwegian and two American musicians who are soloists and improvisers with distinctive voices that stretch their musical boundaries. From Norway: violinist Hans Kjorstad and drum ace Øyunn. Ikue Mori on electronics has been active in the NYC experimental music scene for four decades, started her career as a drummer in the no-wave band DNA in the late 70s. LA-based saxophonist and producer Sam Gendel has in recent years become one of the hottest new names on the jazz scene.

Stein Urheim has toured and played concerts since the mid-90s and has participated in almost 70 recordings as well as various collaborations on labels such as Hubro and Jazzland.

Stein Urheim, guitars, string instrument 
Hans Kjorstad, Hardanger fiddle, flat fiddle 
Øyunn, drums, percussion 
Sam Gendel, saxophones, electronics 
Ikue Mori, electronics 
Thorolf Thuestad, sound technician/sound design