Member guided tour The Shape of Freedom

Explore the exhibition with our art mediator to get unique insight into the stories behind the works and the artists, and an unforgettable experience of abstract expressionism.
From the exhibition The Shape of Freedom at MUNCH (23.02.–21.05.2023) Photo: Munchmuseet


Meeting point: Lobby

Place: Floor 3.  Meet up in the lobby 10 min. in advance
Duration of tour: 45 min.  

How can you cast emotions on a canvas? Can self-portraits be abstract? Can you dance a work of art? And how does freedom really look like? These are some of the questions we explore on the guided tour of the exhibition The Shape of Freedom. After an introduction to the exhibition, we take a deep dive into selected works for you to explore and feed your curiosity. We explore how artists across the Atlantic processed the war, which set the scene for an art direction where abstract forms, new methods and a new sense of freedom are in focus. 

This event is free and exclusive for MUNCH members. 
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