MiniMUNCH: Art Day for Kids Come and paint yourself and others

Our aim is to focus on children's experience of art, and to allow them to encounter art on their own terms.


Exhibition and workshop

Suitable for: children 3-12 yrs, accompanied by an adult
Duration: 60 min, calculate 1 hour including transfer
Place: Meet up in the lobby

How do we see ourselves and other people? Let yourself be inspired by Alice Neel, and try painting yourself or others in our workshop with artist Jinbin Chen

Our September Art Day for Kids takes place during an exhibition by the American painter Alice Neel. She is known for her many portraits of friends and family in which their personalities and relationships shine through.

Would you like to take part in a dance tour of the exhibitions?

In this dance tour for children, the dancers use their imaginations to immerse themselves in the various landscapes and imitate the people they see in the paintings. They take the children on a journey through the hard and the soft, the melancholy and the lively, through death and love. Everything is communicated with humor and playfulness. Challenging established gender norms and a focus on queer expressions is an underlying theme. This is expressed, among other things, through costumes and play with gender stereotypical qualities, poses and movements, which are material taken from the performance Blooming. Here there are no restrictions on who you can be!

We have invited artist Jinbin Chen – who also makes deeply felt portraits of people he knows well – to help us with our paintings of ourselves or other people.