Sharing is Caring? Debate on digital Dilemmas for the Cultural Sector

Join us for an interesting debate on the digital impact on the arts sector with speakers from leading international institutions.

MUNCH has been a partner of the Frankfurt Book Fair for four years. The world’s largestbook fair has more to offer than books, authors and publishing rights. The Arts+ is the fair’s own festival where digital and technology meet the sectors of art and culture.

We’ve invited a fantastic panel to address the most pressing issues related to digital and culture, such as: How do we live up to the (digital) challenges posed by Covid-19? What is the artist’s role at a time when engaging with the fast-paced practices of social media increasingly becomes more important? And in which way does online culture challenge and change how art institutions operate?

Our speakers are: Leah Dickerman (Director of Editorial and Content Strategy, MoMA), Hrag Vartanian (Editor-in-Chief, Co-founder, Hyperallergic), Maryam Jafri (Visual Artist)

The session is moderated by Nikita Mathias (Senior Concept Developer, MUNCH)