Tracey Emin / Edvard Munch The Loneliness of the Soul

In her first major Nordic exhibition, British artist Tracey Emin shows how Edvard Munch has influenced and shaped her work over several decades.


Floor 9 & 10
22.10.2021 – 02.01.2022

Tracey Emin (born 1963) is one of the UK’s most celebrated and controversial contemporary artists. In this exhibition, visitors can experience Emin’s wide-ranging artistic practice and gain rare insight into her long-standing fascination with Edvard Munch. This fascination began at an early age and was a key factor in Emin’s decision to become an artist. In 1998, Emin referred directly to Munch in her film work Homage to Edvard Munch and All My Dead Children, which takes place in Åsgårdstrand, where Munch was living when he painted several of his most famous works.

The exhibition focuses on Emin’s works in painting, sculpture and neon text over the past decade. In addition, Emin has personally selected 16 works by Munch to be displayed alongside her own work. The exhibition also includes a small selection of works from earlier in Emin’s career, including the iconic My Bed (1998). Like Edvard Munch, Emin uses her experiences of love, pain, grief and passion as raw materials for her art. In recent years, Emin has become more preoccupied with the effects of ageing on the female body, as we can see in her painting I Am the Last of My Kind, one of several new works created specifically for this exhibition.

    The exhibition is made by

  • Project Team

    Artist: Tracey Emin
    Curator: Kari J. Brandtzæg
    Text Editor: Hanna Hille Stoltenberg
    Project Manager: Maria Fonneløp

    Registrar: Charlotte Bouchard-Lafond, Adriane Solberg
    Head of Marketing: Tone Brunner
    Technical Producer: Nina Akubue Bakke
    Exhibition Technician: Benny André Lund, 
    Neon Specialists v/Kerry Ryan
    Art Technician Management: Johan Øvergård, Timothy Brignall
    Art Technicians: Benny Lund, Dimitri Thomas-Komissarov,
    Marius Mathisrud, Steffen Sætereie, Erlend Rødsten,
    Piotr Nowak, Tomas Einarsson, Andrea Galiazzo, Jonas Greni
    Painting Conservator: Erika Gohde Sandbakken
    Paper Conservator: Emma Chan
    Security: Marie Kristine Skorstad
    Photo: Ove Kvavik, Halvor Bjørngård

    Norwegian recreation of English titles: Aasne Linnestå
    Technical Manager: Lasse Baklien
    AV consultant: Richard Alexandersson

    Co-producer Tracey Emin Studio v/Harry Weller og White Cube

  • Design & Architecture

    Exhibition Architect: MMW Arkitekter v/Marie Norvall Vegdahl
    Light Design: Zenisk
    Graphic Design: Parabol Studio

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